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On The Box with Dixon Jowers

Jul 29, 2020

What a finish!  A putt was in the air which could win the tournament or send us to a 3 way sudden death playoff.  (1:37) Paige was doing Paige things so the FPO side wasn't quite that exciting but there are some interesting things to look at. (35:01) Opinion time: not knowing the score on the last hole is...

Jul 9, 2020

A beautiful, new property gave us an incredible finish in MPO (1:39) and an absolute blowout in FPO (33:29).  Let's look at how they each happened.  Then....we....will....discuss....the....topic....of....the....week....(49:46).  Lastly, BOB comes to the defense of a friend. (1:19:05)

Jul 1, 2020

Welcome back, friends.  Not much has changed.  Paul is great (1:07)  and Paige is unbelievably dominant. (36:33) DD and Jomez introduced a deal with CBSports for this event that is a major opportunity for disc golf. (37:20)  BOB has been doing some reading lately and wants to tell you about it. (59:16)